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        In 1994, Airball Concepts, Inc. was not even on the horizon for developers James Fieberg and Rich Barnes. It came about, on a sunny day, while driving through a neighborhood no different than your own. Suddenly the worst possible event - a loose basketball rolled out into the street from between the parked cars.

        As the driver rolled through the neighborhood, that loose ball 'got the ball rolling'. Watch out for that child! was the only thought on his mind. Looking ahead to where the loose ball came into view, there's got to be a child coming! Sure enough, there was, but not from whence the ball came, but one full car length nearer, between the parked cars on the roadside. Whew! A close call - a near accident, a child almost hit!

        It was these circumstances that resulted in the process that lead to airballgrabber™. How can we prevent or reduce the possibility of a child being injured because of a loose ball? How can such a device be securely installed, providing maximum protection? Lightweight easily stored not a danger to users, all of these questions, and more. Can it be flexible, easily installed with minimum use of tools? Yes, lots and lots of questions.

        Searching out new designs and working in their garage, conceptually agonizing over the types of materials best suited to the purpose, was at times trying. Only after many months of thinking and trying new ideas, was it possible to come to the current scope of design which allows for the type of protection provided by airball grabber™.

        In addition to styling the airballgrabber™ to fit freestanding and portable basketball systems, thought was given to the safety of neighboring property. One example that came to mind was an unsolicited comment from a neighbor, who said, "I recently moved to this neighborhood because I was (in part) concerned about damage to my car. Though parked in my driveway, the child next door was hitting my car with his basketball, because he constantly missed his shots. I spoke to his father about my concerns but the reaction was such that I knew this was going to develop into a bigger argument. I did not need that, so eventually, I moved."

        We at Airball Concepts, Inc. hope that those that use our system can find hours of pleasure in a safe environment. We are gratified by the acknowledgement provided as a result of our submission to Sports Edge magazine in their annual Product of the Year contest in 2003. Being named as a semi-finalist in this prestigious event makes the efforts of the past few years very rewarding.

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